​​U.S. Food and Drug Administration safety standards are minimum standards that apply to the manufacture of a drug or medication. Just because a drug is approved

by the FDA does not guarantee that the medication is safe and free of defects.

The FDA must rely on the manufacturers to provide safety data on the product. If the data is flawed and the drug unsafe, hundreds of thousands of consumers could be injured. As it should be, FDA approval does not void a manufacturer's liability for drug defects that cause injuries to consumers.

The same is true for the manufacturers of everyday products used by consumers. Manufacturers are required to take comprehensive measures to ensure that their products are safe and effective. Failure to disclose any side effects or defects associated with their product is grounds for legal action.

Manufacturers do not protect your legal rights when you are severely injured by ingestion on one of their defective drugs. We specialize in cases involving defective drugs, dangerous products, personal injury and death claims. Our firm handles these cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only get paid if we obtain a successful settlement or verdict on your behalf. Our fees are a percentage of the monies we collect for you. If the case is not successful you pay no attorney fees. Please fill out our online form or call our product liability lawyers at 1-850-932-7733 to discuss your legal rights.